[VIDEO] {w/ TRANS} Music Bank in Paris Press Conference (French subbed), 120212

English translation here:

[TRANSLATION] This is according to the French subs. Please let me know if I made a mistake so that I can correct it (^^) And, I’m sorry if my sentence structure is not proper in English (T_T)
Kim In Gyu: Music Bank is a Korean show for Kpop, it’s broadcasted worldwide on the KBS World channel. Tonight, we’re welcoming 8 Kpop groups, I hope that the concert can give the occasion of promoting the Korean culture of Kpop once again. Not only in France, but also in all of Europe.

Jonghyun: Sadly, Onew isn’t with us here tonight because he was injured during the practices, but if a new opportunity will rise for us to do a concert, all of the SHINee members will be there.
Tiffany: (English)

Kevin: (English)

Jeon Jin Guk: (English) (…) Last year, we organized two Music Bank World Tours. One in July in Tokyo, Japan, which gathered over 45000 Japanese Kpop fans. It was a big success. And another concert, on last October 9th in New York, to celebrate the 20th year of South Korea joining to the ONU. This concert gatahered over 50000 fans of Kpop from around the world, it was a good occasion to promote Kpop around the world. Seeing the craze for Korean culture and Kpop, this year, we planned to organize various concerts around the world, and this Music Bank in Paris is the first.

Junho: Hi, I’m Junho. There’s a difference between preparing the usual show and this concert. Generally, to prepare for the show in Korea, we do a lot of rehearsals, many groups prepare together. But in the case of Music Bank World Tour, it’s different for us because through this types of occasions, we can promote Korean culture and Kpop. We also prepared special stages. It’s a privilege for us and a really good occation to represent Kpop. I would like to thank all the fans who support us.

Kevin: Hi, my name is Kevin from U-KISS. This Music Bank World Tour allows us to directly meet Kpop fans from around the world because most of them can only watch the shows on the Internet. It’s a unique occasion for us to see each other face to face, and it allows us to thank all the fans from around the world.

Clotaire Buche: (Thank you very much to modueca♡ for helping me with Mr. Buche’s part ^^) In July, we had the opportunity to discover this concert in Tokyo, Japan. And so, we were really taken aback considering the quality of the show that was proposed and the response of the public. So, we really had the desire to bring that same concert, here, in France and in Europe. And I think that it’s the only date in Europe. They worked a lot. There’s a very very big production for the young people, so… And all we had to do is to see them during their rehearsals, in relation of the concert, their [skill] level is incredibly high. Which means that it’s really perfect.
SoYeon: Hi, I’m SoYeon from T-ara. It’s the first time that our group comes to France, we were waiting for this moment with impatience. We already went to many foreign countries, but France and Paris, it’s something really special for us. Yesterday during our arrival at the airport, there were many people to welcome us. Despite our tiredness, we are really happy to be there and delighted to meet all of our fans. We are very proud because through Kpop, we can represent Korea and we can promote cultural exchanges throughout the world. Like manhwas, that are also a part of Korean culture, we can give an image that’s close to that, but that isn’t frozen. (Meaning pictures don’t move like humans do) We always try to offer more efforts to propose better concerts. It’s almost SooYoung from SNSD’s birthday.

Tiffany: Yes, it’s going to be SooYoung’s birthday, she’s really happy to celebrate it here.

Jonghyun: It’s our second visit in France, last year we had a big success with SMTown, the fans came in great number and were passionate, we priviledged with a really warm welcome. I think that, since music is a universal language, even if we speak a different language, we can still communicate. Everytime we go somewhere overseas, we see fans from different nationalities that sing in Korean, they know the lyrics and sometimes we see Korean flags. It’s really very touching!

(After that, it’s just “Hi, we are ____” or “We love you”, etc.)

CREDITS: Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA +  @ youtube + jibunrock @ tumblr
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