[FAN-ACCOUNT] U-KISS at Lazona Kawasaki, 120212

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The following is 1122misato’s tweets about the event. I got her approval to post them here.

Off to Kawasaki to see U-KISS for the first time in 2 months. Can’t wait to see sexy? erotic? dance XD

waiting for U-KISS 🙂 http://photozou.jp/photo/show/365308/121484638

can you see how I’m close to the stage!?!? awww I’m getting excited!!!!http://photozou.jp/photo/show/365308/121485070

just got this 🙂 http://photozou.jp/photo/show/365308/121486975

good news! getting crowded 🙂 20 mins till stage!http://photozou.jp/photo/show/365308/121488075

I brought an official light stick but it won’t work. too bright outside. Lol

can see many Kevin bias.

on time. offline now. see you later. take a deep breath.

just over!!! U-KISS DAMN HOT!!!!!!!!

@— YES. I’ve never seen such a erotic choreo for U-KISS.

outfits: red shirts,black jacket (except Hoon)

choreo is kinda erotic. and it’s like “feat.Kiseop’s dance” Kiseop gets so many solo dance parts.

Honestly,I didn’t like Forbidden Love due to it’s melody. BUT the performance is AMAZING.

AJ hasn’t gotten his hair cut.

Dongho wasn’t there because he has another schedule (shooting TV drama)

Soohyun is a pervert.lol

@— and he[ELI]’s hyper today. Lol

They talked about their first love.

AJ:I was in elememtary school. She was so pretty for me.(SH:Maybe her personality is not so good.lol)

ELI:I was 15 and she was 18.I really love her,but I’d gone to China. I’m fine now because I have you all(KISS MEs)

@— they performed Tick Tack and Forbidden Love. the choreo is the sexiest.

SH:I was a high school student. She was so attractive,especially her body. Her legs… (U-KISS&KISS MEs were united to call him pervert)

KV:I’ve never had gfs.(SH:Liar!)I have KISS MEs! (SH:You’re boring)

KS:I was in high school.It was happy.(U-KISS:WHAT was happy!?)(and they tried not to give KS time to answer)KS:The memories.

HN:I was in kindergarten.I was 7.(I don’t know which is correct.)(SH:Are you crying?*wipes tears*)HN:But I don’t remember anything.

The most self-centered member is AJ. Even AJ picked himself.

SH:because AJ is good at everything like singing,dancing,rapping and song writing.He’s just perfect.

ah,I forgot to tweet the funniest part for me.

MC:Shout out your love to fans.One by one. U-KISS:Are you ready? WAAAA!!!! KYAAAA!!! LOVE YOOOOU!!! (They literaly shouted.)

@— Eli was so hot today~ with his black hair. aww what a shame!

@— I mean it was pity for her[Eli’s ex]. Nope. In almost all events&concerts,we are not allowed to take pics&vids 😦

@— I love the bit naughty choreo in forbidden love~ the performance was awesome!!!!!

@— ah…got it. I’m still learning. not too sexy for me,but the sexiest dance for U-KISS!

@— some moves are so sexy… they can make girls fainted~ Hope so too. 🙂

I remembered something… Forbidden Love’s choreo has some erotic moves and also has blowing kisses-like moves.

@— Me too,but it’s beyond “sexy” for me. depends on the definition of the word “sexy,” I guess…

@— The way he[Eli] introduce himself was very different from usual. (inspired by AJ tho.)


*note: Bagian yang tidak penting, tidak kami translasikan. Bagian yang diterjemahkan langsung ke sesi perbincangan dengan U-KISS. ^^

Mereka berbicara tentang cinta pertama mereka.

AJ: Aku ketika di sekolah dasar. Dia sangat cantik bagiku. (SH: mungkin sifatnya tidak begitu baik. haha)

ELI: Aku ketika berumur 15 tahun dan pacarku umur 18. Aku sangat mencintainya, tapi aku harus pergi ke Cina. Aku sekarang baik-baik saja karena aku punya kalian (KISSmes)

@— Mereka menampilkan Tick Tack dan Forbidden Love. korrografinya adalah yang paling seksi.

SH: Aku ketika masih SMA. Dia sangat menarik, terutama badannya. kakinya… (member U-KISS yang lain dan KISSmes semua bersatu memanggilnya pervert)

KV: Aku tidak pernah punya pacar. (SH: pembohong!) aku punya KISSmes! (SH: kmau membosankan)

KS: Aku ketika SMA. Aku sangat bahagia. (member U-KISS: APA nya yang bahagia!?) (dan mereka mencoba untuk tidak memberikan waktu kepada KiSeop untuk menjawab) KS: kenangannya.

HN: Aku ketika masih TK. Aku berumur 7 tahun. (Aku tidak tahu mana yang benar.) (SH: apa kamu menangis? *menghapus airmata*) HN: Tapi aku tidak ingat apa pun.

Member yang paling suka menyendiri adalah AJ. Bahkan AJ memilih dirinya sendiri. *ketika ad sesi tanya jawab dan semua member meminta diminta untuk memilih*

SH: Karena AJ sangat baik dalam segala hal seperti menyanyo, menari, rap, dan menulis lagu. Dia sangat sempurna.

MC: Teriakkan cinta kalian pada penggemar. Satu per satu.
U-KISS: Apa kalian siap? WAAAA!!!! KYAAAA!!! CINTA KALIAN!!! (mereka langsung teriak.)

@— Cara Eli memperkenal diri hari ini berbeda dari yang biasanya. (terinspirasi dari AJ juga)

CREDITS: Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA + 1122misato + (shared by) modueca
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  1. u-kiss daebak!!!fighthing!!!<3<3<3

  2. u-kiss daebak!!!!always cool!!love u’all’z…<3<3<3

  3. Haha lucu, emang benar tuh Kevin gak punya first love?? 🙂 U-Kiss love U

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