[INFO] 120218 U-KISS Official Daum Fan Cafe Event/Activities

[ENG] Official Cafe activities the time of the first round of activities is February 20th-March 4th.
Activities: often visits to the official Cafe and leave a lot of message in it! There are some gifts for a lucky member in this event. The gifts are: Kevin’s 뭐라고 stage clothes and DongHo’s “뭐라고” stage clothes.

[BHS] Waktu putaran pertama untuk kegiatan Official Cafe adalah pada tanggal 20 Februari – 4 Maret.
Kegiatan: seringlah mengunjungi Official Cafe dan tinggalkan banyak-banyak pesan disana! Ada beberapa hadiah untuk member yang beruntung di acara ini. Hadiahnya adalah: Baju Kevin “Mworago” dan Baju DongHo “Mworago”.

CREDITS: Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA (information text)+ U-KISS Official Daum Fan Cafe
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