[PHOTOS] {TWITTER} (w/ ENG+BHS TRANS) U-KISS @ U-KISS Korea’s Update, 120308

키스미~저녁 맛있게 먹었어요?ㅎㅎ
[ENG] Kissme~ Did you have a good dinner? Hehe
[BHS] Kissme~ Apakah kalian memilki makan malam yang baik? Hehe

우린 투어준비 열심히 하고 있어요!응원 많이해주세요~키스미~보고싶어요~뿌잉뿌잉~♥ㅎㅎ
[ENG] We’re preparing for our tour! Please cheer for us~ Kissme~ We miss you~♥ Hehe
[BHS] Kami sedang menyiapakan tur kami! Dukunglah kami~ Kissem~ Kami merindukan kalian~♥ Hehe

키스미 보고싶다( i _ i )
[ENG] I miss Kissmes ( i _ i )
[BHS] Aku merindukan Kissmes ( i _ i )

키스미! 바람피고 있는거 아니지? 나 갈때까지 딱 기달려!!
[ENG] Kissmes! You’re not cheating on us right? Please wait for us!!
[BHS] Kissmes! Kalian tidak akan selingkuh dari kami kan? Tunggulah kami!!

여러분 안녕~오랜만에 안부인사!ㅎㅎ
[ENG] Hello everyone~ It’s been a long time! Hehe
[BHS] Halo semuanya~ Sudah lama! Hehe

키스미들이 응원메세지 보내주니까 너무 좋다ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ고마워요~키스미~♥
[ENG] Thank you for all your messages~ Hehehehehe~ Kissme~♥
[BHS] Terima kasih untuk semua pesan-pesan kalian~ Hehehehehe~ Kissme~♥

CREDITS: Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA + @UKISS_intl + @ukisskorea
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