[PHOTOS] {TWITTER} (w/ ENG+BHS TRANS) Hoon’s Update, 120315

흐흐 ~~ 난 거짓말 쟁이~ 키스엄따~
[ENG] hehe~~ I’m a liar liar~ there’s no kiss~
[BHS] hehe~~ Aku berbohong berbohong~ tidak ada ciuman~

ㅎ 사진찍어 놓고 밀땅 하기 딱 걸렷네잉 ㅋkiss me ~ I love you >_< 흐흐 창피.. ㅋㅋ
[ENG] hehe After taking the picture I got caught~ keke kiss me~ I love you>_< hehe how embarrassing.. keke
[BHS] hehe Setelah mengambil gambar sebelumnya aku tertangkap~ keke kiss me~ Aku cinta kalian>_< hehe betapa memalukan.. keke

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