[PHOTO] {TWITTER} AJ & Na Yoon Kwon @ MnetMcoutdown’s Update

120405엠카운트다운-오랜만에보는 반가운얼굴 나윤권과 스페셜게스트 유키스 AJ!!두 사람 정말 아~름다워! 아름다운두사람의 무대 잠시후6시생방송Mcountdown에서 만나봅시다
[ENG] 120405 M!countdown- Its been a long time but the familiar face of Na Yoon Kwon with special guest U-KISS AJ!! These two people are really be~autiful! The two beautiful people’s stage will be on soon at 6 live broadcast. Let’s meet at Mcountdown
[BHS] 120405 M!countdown sudah lama sekali tapi wajah yang familiar dari Na Yoon Kwon dengan tamu spesial dari U-KISS AJ!! Dua orang ini benar-benar ca~ntik! Panggung dua orang cantik ini akan segera mulai ditayangkan jam 6. Ayo kita bertemu di Mcoutndown.

CREDITS: Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA + @MnetMcountdown
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