[PHOTOS] {TWITTER} (w/ ENG+BHS TRANS) 120415 Eli, Kevin & DongHo @ U-KISS Korea Update

연습실에 찾아온 멍멍군 율무와 함께 일라이~얼굴크기가..율무와 비슷하다!! 작은얼굴인증ㅎㅎ
[ENG] Eli and Yoolmu the dog who came to the practice room~ Eli’s face size is.. similar to Yoolmu!! Small face hehe
[BHS] Eli dan Yoolmu seekor anjing yang datang ke ruangan latihan~ Ukuran wajah Eli.. mirip dengan Yoolmu!! Wajah yang kecil hehe

쓰담쓰담~^—^ 귀요미 셋!
[ENG] Pat pat~ ^–^ Cute trio!
[BHS] Pat pat~ ^–^ trio yang lucu!

마지막으로 도노도노♪ 곧 나올 유키스 새앨범 많이 기대해주세요!&4/28 밤11시 홀리랜드 첫방도 잊지말구 본방사수 부탁드립니다~^^화이팅!!!
[ENG] Lastly, Donghodongho♪ Please anticipate the new U-Kiss album to be released soon! Don’t forget to catch Holy Land’s first episode on 28 Apr 11PM~^^ Hwaiting!!!
[BHS] Terakhir, Donghodongho♪ Tunggulah album baru U-KISS segera! Jangan lupa untuk menonton episode pertama Holyland pada 28 April jam 22 malam~^^ Hwaiting!!!

CREDITS: Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA (Bahasa Translation) + @UKISS_intl (English Translation) + @ukisskorea
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