[PHOTOS] {TWITTER} (w/ ENG+BHS TRANS) 120419 U-KISS @ U-KISS Korea Update

어메이징까지 앞으로 10분!졸고 있는 키스미 있나?일어나라~지켜보고 있다~ㅋㅋ (누구~게?!ㅎㅎ)
 Any sleepy Kissmes waiting for AMAZING? Stand up~ We can see you~ Keke (Guess who?! Hehe)
[BHS] Coming soon!

우선!!어메이징한 일은 바로 이남자의 손에서!!작곡가 에이제이님♥ #UKISS_AMAZING
[ENG] Firstly!! With amazing work from this man’s own hands!! AJ the composer♥ #UKISS_AMAZING
[BHS] Coming soon!

다음은 자~알 생긴 기섭! 잘생기면 다! 차도남이란 편견을 버려!알고보면 귀요미 순딩이 미남기섭♥ >_< #UKISS_AMAZING
[ENG] Next up, the ha~andsome Kiseop! If he’s handsome! No more calling him a cold city guy! If you get to know him, he’s a cute and gentle pretty boy ♥ >_< #UKISS_AMAZING
[BHS] Coming soon!

꽃보다 케빈★ >~< #UKISS_AMAZING
[ENG] Kevin over flowers★ >~< #UKISS_AMAZING
[BHS] Coming soon!

요즘 피부에 물오른 그분♪ 리다사마♪ #UKISS_AMAZING
[ENG] The one whose skin has been improving recently♪ Leader Soohyun♪ #UKISS_AMAZING
[BHS] Coming soon!

안내면 진거 가위바위~보! #UKISS_AMAZING
[ENG] Scissors paper stone! #UKISS_AMAZING
[BHS] Coming soon!

어랏! 훈사마는 단독컷이 없네ㅠㅠ그래서 준비했어요:) 훈&케빈 투샷♥ 훈훈~하다>_< #UKISS_AMAZING
[ENG] Oh! Hoon-sama doesn’t have a solo shot ㅠㅠ So here’s a Hoon & Kevin double shot♥ Warm~ >_< #UKISS_AMAZING
[BHS] Coming soon!

[BHS] Coming soon!

동호는 무엇을 하고 있는 걸까요?! #UKISS_AMAZING
[ENG] What is Dongho doing?! #UKISS_AMAZING
[BHS] Coming soon!

일라이도?! 사진속 낙서의 정체는 오늘 오후 12시 공식유투브에서 확인하실 수 있습니다!! 2012.04.20 오후12시 유키스 “도라도라” 티저영상 공개!! #UKISS_AMAZING
[ENG] Eli too?! You’ll be able to find out what’s behind the graffiti in the photo later today at 12PM on the official Youtube channel!! The teaser for U-Kiss “DORADORA” will be released at noon!! #UKISS_AMAZING
[BHS] Coming soon!

CREDITS: Eni + Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA (Bahasa Translation) + @UKISS_intl (English Translation) + @ukisskorea 
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