[PHOTOS] {TWITTER} (w/ ENG + BHS TRANS) 120427 KiSeop’s Update

처음으로 혼자 한강에 왔어요…^^ 그냥 바람쐬러^^히히히힛 후~~~!!^^바람차다^^ㅎㅎ
[ENG] Came to the Han river by myself for the first time…^^ for breeze^^히히히힛 후~~~!!^^wind is cold^^hehe
[BHS] Datang ke sungai Han sendirian untuk pertama kalinya…^^ untuk merasakan angin sepoi-sepoi^^히히히힛 후~~~!!^^ anginnya dingin^^hehe

오늘 COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! 내가 조아하는 비타민워터!!!헤헷 내얼굴 있어서 깜놀!!@__@ 많이 먹고 힘낼께요^^ 팬 여러분 고마워요^^
[ENG]  Todays COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Vitamin water which I love!!!hehe Surprised my face was there!!@__@ Will drink a lot and get strength^^ Thank you fans^^
[BHS] Hari ini COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!  Air vitamin yang aku sukai!!!hehe mengejutkan wajahku disana!!@__@ Aku akan banyak meminumnya dan mendapatkan banyak tenada^^ terima kasih fans^^

CREDITS: Eni + Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA + @ukisskorea_eng (English Translation) + @KiSSeop91 
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