[NEWS] U-KISS DongHo Kicks “Holyland” off With a 1.8% Viewership Rating

Idol group U-KISS’s Dongho declared himself as a “rating killer”.

Dongho set the ratings up to 1.8% for the first episode of the super action cable channel drama “Holyland” on April 28th. While broadcasting, the search term “Holyland” ranked as the most searched topic on major portal sites in Korea.[[MORE]]

“Holyland” is drama of the stylish fighting and action-packed genre. It is based on a Japanese manga that was published for 8 years, beginning from 2000. Since then, it has sold over 360,000 copies. Judo, taekwondo, wrestling, and other various martial arts are portrayed in this drama.

Dongho received positive feedback for his important fighting scenes that he naturally carried out. He was praised for the role he portrayed- a wimpy kid who has low self esteem, but eventually goes out at night to find his true self as the tough guy “Kang Yoo.”

After the first broadcast, Dongho tweeted, “Did you enjoy watching ‘Holyland’? I guess the flaws that I could find about my acting means that I have improved now?”

The second episode of “Holyland” to broadcast next month on the 5th will feature another U-KISS member- Hoon. Viewers can anticipate their head-to-head fighting scene.

CREDITS: Eni @KISSmeINDONESIA + Rocketboxx.netNate
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