[PHOTO] {TWITTER} (w/ ENG + BHS TRANS) 120506 U-KISS @ U-KISS Korea’s Update

우리는 청나라 자객!엠블랙아니고~인피니트아니고~젝스키스아니고~<유키스>예요!+_+KBS개콘 감수성 출연기념사진!녹화때도 넘 재미있었는데 본방보니 더 재밌네요!ㅎㅎ감수성짱!!유키스도 마니 사랑해주세요♥
[ENG] U-Kiss with Kim Su Seong at KBS Gag Concert! It was really funny during the recording but even funnier watching it! Kim Su Seong is the best!!
[BHS] U-KISS dengan Kim Su Seong di KBS Gag Concert! Sangat menyenangkan selama rekaman tapi lebih menyenangkan lagi menontonnya! Kim su Seong yang terbaik!!

CREDITS: Eni + Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA (Bahasa Translation) + @UKISS_intl (English Translation) + @ukisskorea
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