[PHOTO] {TWITTER} (w/ ENG+BHS TRANS) 120508 Kevin @ U-KISS Korea’s Update

쇼챔까진 3시간,별밤까진 6시간!지루해지루해!유키스기다리며 춘곤증과 사투를 벌이고 있을 키스미들을 위하여 투척!! 지난 일산 사인회에서 케빈♥음..얼굴에 그림자가 졌지만 미모로 케어^0^twitpic.com/9ioksf
[ENG] Can’t wait for the next program? Here’s a photo of Kevin from last week’s fansign at Ilsan♥^0^twitpic.com/9ioksf
[BHS] Tidak sabar menunggu untuk program selanjutnya? Ini foto Kevin dari fasign minggu kemarin si Ilsan♥^0^twitpic.com/9ioksf


CREDITS:  @ukisskorea + @UKISS_intl (English Translation) + Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA (Bahasa Translation)
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