[INTERVIEW] {ENG TRANS} 120831 U-KISS Special Interview in Hanryu TVfan Japan Vol.3 (Part I)

“U-KISS: Our Dream is Dome Tour!”

Original Interview  (from page 1 to 3) ~> here.

note: We didn’t trans some parts in the beginning of the article. However, we made the full translation for each questions of the interview. ^^


Q→U have very busy days. When do u feel happy?

Hoon→when I’m eating!! it comes 3 times a day. at that time I’m really happy!!

Dongho→what did we eat yesterday? oh~Curry from “coco ichi”(Japanese curry restaurant)

Eli→when we’re at dormitory, we always use delivery service.

Dongho→We love “coco ichi” we can alive even if we eat only “coco ichi” 365days.

Soohyun→For me when I’m listening to music. recently I often listen music alone. I feel happy when I’m listening music while imagining I’m on the stage.

Kevin→For me when I’m with members.

Q→Recently Dongho got a drivers licence. did he give anyone a lift in his car?

Soohyun→no!! He can’t do!! still scared…

Kevin→If he wants to practice, manager hyeong rides with Dongho.

Soohyun→In Korea other members often drive our car except Kevin. Kevin, u often ride your mother’s car right?

Kevin→no~>< I use taxi!!

Soohyun→did u change?

Hoon→u are rich!!

Kevin→if u want to go somewhere, u have to go by yourself.

Q→What do u want to try in the future?

Hoon→I want to improve my Japanese & appear Japanese drama. cuz to be an actor was my original dream.

Soohyun→if i could I want to make collaboration with Atsushi from EXILE.

Kevin→me too. I want to improve my Japanese & appear dramas, movies then i want to challenge japanese musicals.

Soohyun→we took examination at Japanese language school yesterday. Dongho were the best. 2nd Hoon, 3rd Kevin, 4th me & Eli & Kiseop were booby>< Kevin is not good at Listening. Only 3 answers were correct.

Kevin→No!! only yesterday I couldn’t listen well><

Hoon→from now the person whom results have bad must not complain to the person whom results have good. !!ㅋㅋ

Q→on 5SEP, u have a concert in Budokan. it has been your heart’s desire. How do u feel?

Soohyun→Though we have several goals, 5SEP is the day that we can achieve our first goal.

Hoon→To have concert in Budokan was our goal. but Thanks to have achieved this goal here is a new start, I think so. We do our best to show our cool & matured figure to our fans.

Kevin→The Budokan concert is the chance to show us to much more people. of course many kissmes will come but there will be many people who watch us for the first time…so we want them to know U-kiss is this kind of group by showing various figures

Kiseop→we are ready. just practice!!

Q→do u always practice beforehand to talk among concert?

Kiseop→we talk freely every time.

Eli→but the timing is decided.

Kiseop →and we have theme. for example we enjoy with kissmes this time & after we drink some water, say words this time…

Dongho→at zepp tour we memorized what we talk almost but it was not natural. Though there’re some people who watch our all concert, the comment was the same….now we talk freely to improve our Japanese.

Q→unfortunately AJ can’t join this concert. 

Soohyun→we 6members have to do our best for him.

Eli→actually we are really worried. when the concerts in Jul finished we’re 7 but now 6. we have to compose songs & dance. I hope it goes well. now we assigning AJ’s part. Korean songs are me, Japanese songs are Dongho. so Dongho’s part increased.

Kiseop→But I have confidence to do well. actually before additional concert, we were worried about what should we show.

Dongho→but we realized that we reached our final performance.

Kiseop→we could do well last concert tour. so we want to show our everything to be known U-Kiss through just 1 time concert.

Q→what kind of talk did u have with AJ before he went to USA?

Soohyun→I told him “study Japanese well” At Colombia Uni. that AJ commutes students can’t take Japanese class if they don’t make application by themselves. AJ makes application for Japanese class cuz he improves his Japanese.

Hoon→He told us “I believe u guys will do your best for me”

Kevin→so I told him “study hard & come back safely without being hurt”

Kiseop→AJ also gave advice to each members “I want u to do like this” cuz he also has uneasiness. especially, Eli & Dongho have to do well cuz they are rapper.

Eli→we promised “meet again with matured” AJ was composing & making rap, so he told me “I want u to do composing & rap making. I also do them hard in America.”

Dongho→I told him just “plz be careful. I’ll contact to u” cuz we know each other without many words. I know his feeling by just looking at his eyes & I think he was same.

Kiseop→knows by just looking eyes…ㅋㅋㅋ

Dongh→How many years did we live together!?ㅋㅋㅋ

Q→what is your final goal!?

Hoon→Maybe Dome tour.

Soohyun→Dome tour is the final goal. if we can, all members will cry. It will end just crying from first to the end without sing songsㅋㅋㅋ

Kevin→Before that I want to get fans hearts by making cooler song!!

Soohyun→and we want to make a song for Japanese fans. including messages & what we want to tell…Kevin also writes words. do u write songs recently, right?

Kevin→yes I do!!

Dongho→cuz our final goal is dome tour, this Budokan concert is a start than the goal. cuz the Budokan concert is the first step to arriving at arena & dome concert, I think it’s more important. Through Zepp tour & additional concert, distance between fans & us became closer. when our ability rise, we have to show all of us from the Budokan concert.


CREDITS:   tvfan-k.kyodo.co.jp  + SM (Eng Translation) & Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA
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