[INTERVIEW] {ENG TRANS} 120902 U-KISS Special Interview in Hanryu TVfan Japan Vol.3 (Part II)

“U-KISS Telling Sorry or Thanks from Member to Member”

Original Interview  ~> here.


Dongho!! Cuz u have career as a singer from young age, have little friends, couldn’t go to school so much…u might have schoolwork that u want to study, sorry for the bitter experiences together as U-Kiss. When I was tired or no afford to feeling, there was some time that I couldn’t understand about your school life. I’m sorry for that. I really thank u just to be together as a member of U-Kiss!!

Soohyun’s PC is too old, so it doesn’t work well. It takes about 10 minutes till use Internet. Though he said he’s going to buy new one when he goes back to Korea but he didn’t, cuz he has no money. So when he plays computer game, he wants to use my PC & often says “Dongho, plz lend me your PC to play computer game” but I’m sorry to say “no” every time. ㅋㅋBUT I lent it to him yesterday!!!!

I often tease Kiseopㅋㅋ for example sometimes I poke him. For this I’m very sorryㅋㅋBut he’s enjoying it together. Thank u for always accepting meㅎㅎbut it’s thank to Kiseop to be with me, so as a result thank you to be with me!!!

He always spoke to me earlier when I depressed or said nothing cuz of my bad condition. I was very happy for that. Thank u^^

Cuz we are from America we’re often talking in English. He understand my mind too…so that I & he, only two people have the American mind, I’m grateful to have someone who can speak that kind of feelings. Something “sorry” is…When Eli said he wanted to watch movie, I couldn’t watch it because I was sleepy. so He sulk. (Soohyun : he’s Super childish!!!ㅋㅋ) I’m sorry I have not seen a movie together at that time, Eli…

We are called ElVin couple. Cuz we were from America together, I often tease him. but he never gets angry. u would be sometimes unpleasant tired…I’m sorry.

CREDITS:   tvfan-k.kyodo.co.jp  + SM (Eng Translation) & Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA
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  1. thank you,… i’m waiting the next info,… ^__^

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