[ENGLISH ver.] Detail Order and Tutorial Ticket Payment For U-KISS Fan Party in Indonesia, February 2nd 2012

U-KISS showcase fanparty organizers, OPPAOPPA LIVE cooperates with KISSME INDONESIA has opened up pre-order  tickets for  KISSME  fanparty  INDONESIA. Here is the offered types of ticket classes by  OPPAOPPA LIVE:

Kiss Me Oppa Seat number + Card tix + Dinner + Hug + Fansign all member + High5 all member + Photogrup
Kiss Me VIP1 Seat number + Card tix + Fansign all member
Kiss Me VIP2 Seat number + Card tix + High5 all member
Festival Free standing + Print poster signing all member
Tribun Gold Free seating
Tribun Silver Free seating

Extra Benefit (besides  above benefits ):

1.         Free hug  for lucky fans in KISS ME OPPA, KISS ME, and FESTIVAL  class at showcase.

2.         KISS from your bias! Only for 7 lucky fans and will be taken from  EACH CLASS!






Kiss Me Oppa


IDR 2.750.000,-
INSTALLMENT IDR 1.375.000,- IDR 1.375.000,-
Kiss Me VIP1


IDR 1.650.000,-
INSTALLMENT IDR  825.000,- IDR 825.000,-
Kiss Me VIP2


IDR 1.650.000,-
INSTALLMENT IDR  825.000,- IDR 825.000,-


IDR  880.000,-
INSTALLMENT IDR  440.000,- IDR 440.000,-
GOLD Tribune


IDR 550.000,-
SILVER Tribune


IDR 275.000,-

*All  prices are including 10% tax

*Limited tix quota

Ukiss Showcase & Fanparty will be held on February 2nd, 2013 at Tennis Indoor Senayan,  Jakarta.


Presale/PO Schedule:

 Dec  10th 2012 The Presale/PO start through KISSME INDONESIA fanbase
Dec 16 2012 The deadline for ordering tickets on KISSME INDONESIA
Dec 18 2012 The deadline for payment of cash & 1st installment
Jan 15 2013 The final deadline for  payment of installment

How to Order (Pre-Order) Tickets:

1.  Buyer sends an email to the email address according to the desired ticket with the subject email  “ORDER_NAME_TYPE OF / CLASS OF TICEKT_TOTAL BOOKED TICKETS_PAID /INSTALLMENT“.


In  body email, the applicant must state her/his full name and membership number of Kissme Indonesia (if any).  For VIP tickets buyersplease write down also the desired type of VIP, whether  VIP KISS ME FANSIGN or VIP KISS ME HIGH FIVE.

Send the email  according to the categories of ordered ticket. Kindly check the detailed email address below:

•           KISSME OPPA : ticket.kissmeoppa@gmail.com

•           KISSME VIP (Both VIP1 & VIP2): ticket.kissmevip@gmail.com

•           KISSME FESTIVAL : ticket.kissmefestival@gmail.com

•           TRIBUN GOLD : ticket.kissmegold@gmail.com

•           TRIBUN SILVER : ticket.kissmesilver@gmail.com

2.  After that, please wait patiently untill you  receive an email contains the payment procedures from KISSME INDONESIA.

3.  Right after you receive the email, please do the payment within 2×24 hours. After do the payment, you send a confirmation email to the same email address with the subject “NAME_Booking Date (date and month) _Category of Tickets _Transfer Destination Bank (Mandiri / BCA)”.

Ex :



Along with your email, please attach your scanned proof of payment and your scanned identity card (KTP / SIM / Student ID / Passport).

[IMPORTANT] Copy/photocopy your proof of payment and save it because we will check the proof of payment, redeem coupon, and your identity card when you do ticket redeemption.

4. After you send the confirmation email, we will send you the redeem coupon at December 20th, 2012 for those who do full payment. For those who do installment payment system, we will send you the redeem coupon at  January 6th, 2013.

 Pre-Order Ticket Payment:

There are two ways to do PO ticket payment:

•           Twice installment  only for KISSME OPPA, KISSME VIP dan KISSME FESTIVAL tickets.

•           FULL PAYMENT is a must for GOLD TRIBUNE and SILVER TRIBUNE tickets buyers.

1st installment payment and full payment must be paid within 2x24hours after you receive the email which contains payment procedures from  KISSME INDONESIA. While the 2nd installment payment must be paid before January 15th, 2013 at 5pm.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Both full payment or installment booking will consider as cancellation if the buyer does not do the payment within 2×24 hours.

2.  If the applicant with  installment payment system cannot pay of the 2nd installment, it will consider as cancel and NO REFUNDS.

3. Cancellation of booking after the payment, there will be no refund at all.

Ticket Redeemption:

Ticket Redeemption will start at February 1st and 2nd, 2013. Time and place will be announced on KISSME INDONESIA’s website kissmeindonesia.wordpress.com or check our  Twitter timeline @ KISSMEINDONESIA (awaiting confirmation from  Oppa Oppa LIVE).

Ticket Redeemption Requirements :

1.         Redeem Coupon

2.         Proof of Payment (Original/Copy)

3.         Original Identity Card : KTP, SIM, Kartu Pelajar, Passport the one that you used in payment confirmation email before)

KISSme Indonesia Team


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  1. asti fridiastuti

    min please,,,penukaran tiketnya bisa gak tgl 1,,,untuk diluar jakarta agak susah kalo mesti stay tgl 31 jan,,,mohon bantuannya

  2. Febuary 2nd, 2013.. if i may say 😛

  3. Oh and by the way, could you get a seating next to a friend even if they will chose a different category of ticket?

    • ofc you cant.. have you see the seating plan which has published by the promotor? each category has different seating place. so, if you and your friend have different category of tickets, absolutely you two cant sit next to each others

  4. Another last question, why are both websites ticket prices different? #reservemeagoodseatplease 😛

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