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[INTERVIEW] {ENG TRANS} 120902 U-KISS Special Interview in Hanryu TVfan Japan Vol.3 (Part II)

“U-KISS Telling Sorry or Thanks from Member to Member”

Original Interview  ~> here.


Dongho!! Cuz u have career as a singer from young age, have little friends, couldn’t go to school so much…u might have schoolwork that u want to study, sorry for the bitter experiences together as U-Kiss. When I was tired or no afford to feeling, there was some time that I couldn’t understand about your school life. I’m sorry for that. I really thank u just to be together as a member of U-Kiss!!

Soohyun’s PC is too old, so it doesn’t work well. It takes about 10 minutes till use Internet. Though he said he’s going to buy new one when he goes back to Korea but he didn’t, cuz he has no money. So when he plays computer game, he wants to use my PC & often says “Dongho, plz lend me your PC to play computer game” but I’m sorry to say “no” every time. ㅋㅋBUT I lent it to him yesterday!!!!

I often tease Kiseopㅋㅋ for example sometimes I poke him. For this I’m very sorryㅋㅋBut he’s enjoying it together. Thank u for always accepting meㅎㅎbut it’s thank to Kiseop to be with me, so as a result thank you to be with me!!!

He always spoke to me earlier when I depressed or said nothing cuz of my bad condition. I was very happy for that. Thank u^^

Cuz we are from America we’re often talking in English. He understand my mind too…so that I & he, only two people have the American mind, I’m grateful to have someone who can speak that kind of feelings. Something “sorry” is…When Eli said he wanted to watch movie, I couldn’t watch it because I was sleepy. so He sulk. (Soohyun : he’s Super childish!!!ㅋㅋ) I’m sorry I have not seen a movie together at that time, Eli…

We are called ElVin couple. Cuz we were from America together, I often tease him. but he never gets angry. u would be sometimes unpleasant tired…I’m sorry.

CREDITS:  + SM (Eng Translation) & Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA
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[INTERVIEW] {ENG TRANS} 120831 U-KISS Special Interview in Hanryu TVfan Japan Vol.3 (Part I)

“U-KISS: Our Dream is Dome Tour!”

Original Interview  (from page 1 to 3) ~> here.

note: We didn’t trans some parts in the beginning of the article. However, we made the full translation for each questions of the interview. ^^


Q→U have very busy days. When do u feel happy?

Hoon→when I’m eating!! it comes 3 times a day. at that time I’m really happy!!

Dongho→what did we eat yesterday? oh~Curry from “coco ichi”(Japanese curry restaurant)

Eli→when we’re at dormitory, we always use delivery service.

Dongho→We love “coco ichi” we can alive even if we eat only “coco ichi” 365days.

Soohyun→For me when I’m listening to music. recently I often listen music alone. I feel happy when I’m listening music while imagining I’m on the stage.

Kevin→For me when I’m with members.

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[NEWS] {w/ BHS TRANS} 120813 U-KISS Teases for “One of You” with an Audio Teaser and Photos

U-KISS will be releasing their fourth Japanese single, “One of You” this September and now you can check out a quick preview of the audio and look at their jacket and individual photos.

“One of You” will release as a CD and a CD+DVD version. The tracklist includes “One of You”, “Kiss Me Forever“, the live version of “Forbidden Love“, and the instrumentals for the first two tracks. As for the DVD, the DVD will include the MV for “One of You” and its Making Movie.

“One of You” will hit shelves on September 5th.

Check out the audio preview and the photos below.


U-KISS Menggoda untuk “One of You” dengan Audio Teaser dan Foto

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[NEWS] {w/ BHS TRANS} 120531 U-KISS Appears on ‘Dream Team’ with Actress Bang Eun Hee

Group U-Kiss, who will release their new album on June 5, will appear in the special family episode of KBS’sGo Dream Team 2 with actress Bang Eun Hee.

Group members will shoot the show on June 3 with Bang, who is like a mother to the group, and Hoon’s handsome brother Yeo Hoon Bi.

The group’s agency said that family members of the group were going to appear on the show but since many of them are living abroad, Bang decided to appear instead of the family members. Bang is an actress who is married to the president of the agency.

This is the first time for a veteran actress to appear on the show. Bang will show off close friendship with U-Kiss as like a lovely family.

Hoon’s older brother Yeo Hoon Bi, who is well known as a handsome man, will also do his best shooting the show with group members.

U-Kiss will release their special album Believe on June 5 and return performing by appearing on Mnet’s M Countdown on June 7.

U-KISS  Tampil di ‘Dream Team’ dengan Aktris Bang Eun Hee

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[INFO + TRACKLIST] {w/ BHS TRANS} 120530 U-KISS to Release “The Special To Kiss Me” Mini Album

The Special To Kiss Me
01. Believe Title Track
02. Te Amo
03. 인연인가 봐 (That’s Gotta be Fate)
04. Let’s Get
05. Believe (inst.)
06. Te Amo (inst.)


Online Release
Track 02 “Te Amo”
Release Date: June 1, 2012, midnight KST
Site: Bugs, Melon, Dosirak and similar online streaming sites

Full Mini-Album
Release Date: June 5, 2012, midnight KST
Site: Bugs, Melon, Dosirak and similar online streaming sites

Offline Mini-Album Release
Date: June 5, 2012*
Where to Purchase: Kyobo Press, Fantastic Music, Evan Record Stores, etc.
*There may be different release times due to location

Online Music Purchase
yes24, Fantastic Music and similar sites

U-KISS’s schedule will be released soon through the schedule board [on fan cafe]
The new release features the title track, ‘Believe’.
It is a powerful song with an addictive melody, composed and written by our very own multiplayer AJ!
U-KISS’s delicate vocals shine through this song! It will be released on June 5.

The special album’s 2nd track, ‘Te Amo’, will be released this Friday (6/1) at midnight!
‘Te Amo’ means ‘I love you’ in Spanish, and it composed by Nassun and ZENDA FAKTERI with the producing team ‘BEATAMIN’. It is a strong and refreshing track that features the sounds of the saxophone! It will be released on June 1! Please look forward to it!


Jadwal U-KISS akan dirilis segera melalui schedule board [di fan cafe] 
Judul lagu utama yang baru akan dirilis adalah, “Believe”
Lagu tersebut merupakan lagu dengan melody yang adiktif, disusun dan ditulis sendiri oleh multiplayer kita, AJ!
Vokal U-KISS yang lembut bersinar melalui lagu ini! Akan dirilis pada 5 Juni.

Trek ke-2 dari album spesial ini, “Te Amo” akan dirilis Jumat ini (6/1) tengah malam!
“Te Amo” berarti “Aku cinta kamu” dalam bahasa Spanyol, dan ini disusun oleg Nassun dan ZENDA FAKTERI dengan tim produksi ‘BEATAMIN’. Ini adalah trek yang kuat dan menyegarkan yang juga ditambah dengan suara dari saxophone! Lagu ini akan dirilis pada tanggal 1 Juni! Tolong lihat hal ini untuk ke depannya!

credits: U-KISS’s Fan Cafe + + Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA (Bahasa Translation)
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[NEWS] {w/ BAHASA TRANS} 120525 The U-KISS Fever & “Summer Special” Release

U-KISS has headed to Malaysia on May 25 for their overseas fan meeting. It marks the start of an Asia fan meeting tour, they will also be touching down in Cambodia and Hong Kong.

Last month, U-KISS found popularity with their Colombian visit. Their company, NH Media, stated, “Since then we’ve received requests from Brazil, Chile, as well as Dubai. Due to their hectic schedules ahead, it will be difficult for them to visit any of these countries for the time being”.

In July, U-KISS will be embarking on another Japanese concert tour. The group is also scheduled to release a “Summer special” album, featuring the refreshing background of the east sea, in June.

Demam U-KISS & “Summer Special” Release

U-KISS akan pergi ke Malaysia pada 25 May untuk fan meeting luar negeri mereka. Hal ini juga sebagai tanda telah dimulainya tur fan meeting Asia, mereka juga akan melakukan fan meeting di Colombia dan di Hongkong.

Bulan Lalu, U-KISS menemukan popularitas yang lebih besar dengan kunjungan mereka ke Colombia. Perusahaan mereka, NH Media, menyatakan, “Sejak saat itu mereka menerima permintaan dari Brazil, Chile, dan juga Dubai. Karena jadwal mereka yang sangat padat, akan menjadi sulit untuk mereka mengunjungi negara-negara tersebut untuk saat ini.”

In July, U-KISS will be embarking on another Japanese concert tour. The group is also scheduled to release a “Summer special” album, featuring the refreshing background of the east sea, in June. Pada bulan July, U-KISS akan memulai tur konser Japan yang lain. Grup juga akan dijadwalkan untuk merilis  sebuah album “Summer Special” (spesial musim panas), dengan melibatkan latar belakang yang menyegarkan dari laut Asia, pada bulan Juni.

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[NEWS] {w/ BHS TRANS} 120523 U-KISS’ Dongho Graces The Cover of ‘MAXIM’ Magazine

U-KISS member Dongho has shaken off his youthful image and transformed into a more rugged and mature man.

Dongho recently became the first male idol to grace the cover of MAXIM magazine, posing for the June publication. He got in character for his role in the made for TV movie Holyland.

With his fierce gaze and both his hands covered in cuts and bandages, Dongho was able to prove that he’s definitely growing up and he’s no longer that young child that first debuted with U-KISS.

His fans who came across the magazine seemed to approve of this new look as they wrote, “Never thought the cute Dongho could look so hot“, “Amazing that he is the first male idol to be on the cover“, and more.

U-KISS’ Dongho Menghiasi Sampul Majalah ‘MAXIM’

Member U-KISS Dongho telah terbebas dari citra mudanya dan berubah menjadi pria yang lebih kuat dan dewasa.

Dongho baru-baru ini menjadi idola laki-laki pertama yang menjadi sampul majalah MAXIM, berpose untuk perilisan pada bulan Juni. Dia menjadi sampul majalah tersebut dengan karakter utamanya pada Film TV Holyland.

Dengan tatapannya yang sengit/tajam dan kedua tangannya yang berlumuran luka dan ditutupi perban, Dongho mampu membuktikan bahwa dia benar-benar telah tumbuh dewasa dan dia tidak lagi anak kecil ketika pertama kali debut dengan U-KISS.

Fans-nya yang datang untuk melihat majalah tersebut sepertinya menerima penampilan barunya ini dan menulis, “Tidak pernah berpikir Dongho yang imut dapat menjadi begini hot”, “Luar biasa bahwa dia menjadi idola laki-laki pertama yang menjadi sampul majalah”, dan banyak lagi.

CREDITS:  MyDaily + allkpop.comAhn @KISSmeINDONESIA
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[NEWS] {w/ BHS TRANS} 120521 U-KISS Dongho’s Nickname is “Casanova”?

U Kiss’s Dongho who showed off his acting skills on Holy Land that ended on May 19, covered the back page of men’s magazine, Maxim with his tough charms.

After shooting the pictorial in a leisurely manner since he debuted five years ago, he confidently and honestly participated in the interview.

When he was asked if he was ever injured during the shooting of Holy Land, he started by saying, “Yes, I got hurt a lot of times.” He also added, “When I had to break a piece of lumber, I hurt my ankle because I kicked it at the opposite site from where other actor made cracks. Not only that, if you look carefully in the poster of Holy Land, there is a scar on my nose. I got that scar during the shooting of the series.”

He smiled and said, “I never fought once in my life, but I pretty much did all the actions in Holy Land. I only used a stand-in only for the most dangerous scenes. It would be interesting to try and find the stand-in on the series.”

When the reporter asked, “Why does your ideal type change so often?” He replied, “Well, when someone asks me, ‘Is she pretty?’ I can’t say, ‘No, she’s not pretty at all.’ Thanks to that, I now have a nickname ‘Casanova.’” When he was asked about his current ideal type, he responded, “No comment.”

He also candidly confessed, “I now want to show off my manliness and my strong charms to the fans.” Dongho also shared his story about how he made money from stock marketing, starting to knit as a hobby, and the distribution of profit among the members.

Dongho’s pictorial and his interview will be available on the July edition of Maxim.

Nickname U-KISS DongHo adalah “Casanova”?

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[PHOTO] {TWITTER} (w/ ENG+BHS TRANS) 120521 AJ’s Update

with 동네형 amazing에 이어 같이 신곡 작업중!
[ENG]  with neighbor hyung. following amazing, working on a new song!
[BHS] dengan hyung tetangga. mengikuti amazing, mengerjakan lagu yang baru!

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