KMI Donation: Foreigners Guide

Hello there! ^_^

We are KISSme fanbase from Indonesia. We called ourself KMI (KISSme Indonesia). We are a newborn fanbase that among other fanbases that exist from years ago. We are still in the middle of developing our website, forum and need donation for few upcoming projects that related to U-KISS and KISSmes. Therefore, we need yourhelp to help us develop and imrpove ourself in orther to serve you better in the future. ^_^

Right now, we don’t have any paypal account (poor us T-T). However, if you are willing to help us; we can direct you to other choices. Beside paypal
service you can use Western Union service to send your money.
You can donate whatever you want. We appreciate every each cents that you give to us. ^_^

*Western Union Service:

  • website:
  • Send your money “In Person” click ~> here or “Online” click ~> here. Please read the term and condition,
    requirements, and follow the steps.
  • Inform us (as receiver) the WU informations that needed in to the confirmation “Donation Form” below. ↓

Please fill in this “Donation Form” right after you send your money ~> here.


  1. ——-
  2. ——-

Thank you! ^-^

KISSme Indonesia Team


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