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This is FAQ about Membership of KISSme Indonesia. Please read it well and carefully.


1]   Can I still register to KISSme Indonesia? When the registration of KISSme Indonesia be closed?

Of course, you can. Registration is opened annually.

2]   How to register as KISSme Indonesia?

Go to page “Register KISSme Indonesia”, read The Registration Procedure and things that you should pay attention to while filling the registration form, then fill the form below the registration procedure. After filling the form completely, click Submit.

3]   I registered by sending an email to member.kissmeindonesia@hotmail.co.id as written on KISSme Indonesia’s facebook notes. Do I have to re-register on this website again?

No. Registration which is done manually by sending an email to member.kissmeindonesia@hotmail.co.id as written on our facebook notes or registration through this website (see FAQ no. 1), both are true and we will process it as long as you did it by following the registration procedure.

4]   I have registered and filled the form on “Register KISSme Indonesia”’s page, so how’s then?

We’ll check your data and process your registration form. After we verify and check that you’ve submitted your data completely, we’ll send a confirmation email to your email address.

5]   How to know that I’ve been accepted and registered as KISSme Indonesia’s member?

Registrants who have been accepted as KISSme Indonesia’s members are those who already received confirmation email from KISSme Indonesia. In the confirmation email, we will give you your membership number that you must save. We will mention to your twitter account or facebook telling that we’ve already sent the confirmation email.

6]   How if my registration form were rejected?

Registration form will be rejected if we find the data is incomplete, unclear, and/or fictious. In several cases, if it’s just little error in your data, we will ask you to complete your data which is need to be completed.  But, if it has many errors in your data or your data is fictious, we will ask you to do re-registration. As long as you DO NOT do what we instruct to you, we WILL NOT process your registration form.

7]   How long I should wait for the confirmation email being sent by KISSme Indonesia?

7×24 hours from the date you did the registration.

8]   Do I have to register as KISSme Indonesia?

No. It’s not a must.

9]   Why I should register to KISS me Indonesia?

This membership registration program was conducted in order to know how many KISSmes in Indonesia. Later on, this database will be used to make this fanbase into an official fanbase of U-KISS in Indonesia and also as one of requirements to invite U-KISS to Indonesia, whether it would be a concert or a fan meeting. So, we need your help and participation from you if you’re truly U-KISS fans.

10]   What’s the advantages of being KISSme Indonesia’s member?

By being KISSme Indonesia’s member, you’ll get advantage and privilege. Members can get special price when shopping at our online shop (see FAQ Online Shopping page), join our events, and participate in the projects, whether local project or international project.

11]   I’ve registered officially as KISSme Indonesia’s member and I have received my membership number. But then, my address is changed or I changed my twitter account or I forgot my email password so I made a new email. Do I have to re-register?

No. You just need to tell us about your data changes by sending an confirmation email to kissmeindonesia@hotmail.co.id with subject “Membership”. In that email, firstly write down your membership number  and then followed by your data changes. After you send the email, wait for a confirmation email from us which states we have changed your previous data with the new one.

12]   Does any changes of my data cause my membership number be changed?

No. Data changes will not change your membership number.

13]   How if I didn’t do confirmation to KISSme Indonesia about the data changes?

Your data in our database we use to contact you about things related to fanbase. For example, delivering your order at our online shop, announcement about point-reward and give-away (click here to know more about point-reward),  K-POP events, and invitation to our events. So, you’ll get disadvantages if you do not tell us about your latest data because we contact members according to the data in our database.

14]   When I registered through this website, I did registration twice or more. How’s it and which registration form that will be accepted?

It’s casuistic. We will see the date sent of each forms. If multi-registration occurs within the same day, we will process the latest form sent to be checked further by us. But, if the multi-registration occurs on different dates, we will not process the registration form the second, third, etc. (see The Registration Procedure of KISSme Indonesia-you are prohibited to register more than once)

15]   After I registered, will I get my member card?

No. Temporarily, we do not make member card because there’re some KISSmes who object to make member card.

16]   Can my membership number be used by another person beside me? Like, my friends, brother, sister, etc.

No. Membership number can only be used and applied to the owner of that membership number  which is listed in our database. Abuse of membership number either intentionally for personal gain or any other person or due to negligence of the member which caused his/her membership number is used by others, we will freeze that membership number.

17]   I have question which is not on FAQ above, how do I ask?

Question related to membership which is not listed and has not been explained on this FAQ, you can ask us by sending your question to  kissmeindonesia@hotmail.co.id with subject “Membership” or leaving comment on this page.


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