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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this before you purchase your merchandise!

1) How to order the merchandises?

Send an e-mail to us consisting the Order form format to one of these pages:

or an other way is to just fill in the form at the page and click ‘Submit’.

2) Are all the merchandises official?

To all merchandises listed on subpages ‘U-KISS Korea Official Merchandise’ and ‘U-KISS Japan Official Merchandise’ are 100% genuine and official. Other official products designed by U_KISSmeINA are owned by U_KISSmeINA, U_KISSmeINA have full rights to produce and publish them. Copying the merchandise designs listed in either these three subpages is considered a crime.

3) Are the merchandises ready stock?

Some of them are ready stock and some of them not. Ready Stock merchandises will be listed in ‘Ready Stock Item’ Subpage, the rest are pre-ordered items.

4) When will the ready stock merchandises arrive to my house?

Ready stock items will arrive to your house according to where you live. Orders to addresses around Java island would arrive in 1-3 working days and to other destinations, it would arrive in 4-7 working days.

5) When will the pre-order session close?

Pre-order session is closed every 20th of each month.

6) When will my merchandises arrive to my house?

Since the merchandises are ordered from South Korea, they will arrive in Indonesia in 2-3 weeks. Delays may happen due to national holidays or minor problems during shipment, but we will make sure to get it to your house as fast as we can.

7) Why are my e-mails haven’t been replied/confirmed?

If your e-mails haven’t been confirmed it means we haven’t opened the mail. We try to check the mails everyday and give you a fast response but for your information, it will be replied/confirmed by us in 1-7×24 hours. We will always try to get your mails replied as fast as we can.

8) To whom I should ask about my order confirmation?

You should ask for your order confirmation to kissmeindonesia@hotmail.co.id

9) Are there any extra discounts?

There are no extra discounts except on special events or garage sales because by the time you register as a member you got special discount price for all merchandises.

10) Why are the merchandises expensive to me?

We try to put the prices as low as we can but due to the shipment fees and the price in South Korean market itself is already high, so we set the price as it is listed in the product lists. All of our official products are genuine so don’t worry, the amount you paid is worth the product you buy.

11) What are the benefits shopping in U-KISSme INDONESIA Online Shop?

We assure you to get the best and genuine products from Korea and Japan, except for products designed by U_KISSmeINA. We also give you the best service for orders.

12) Do you have a real store?

Currently not but we often participate in local K-Pop festivals and you can find us on UKISS ME INDONESIA shopping booth. We will notify members and post on Twitter and wordpress about where and when we will be opening our booth.

13) What happens if my merchandise is out of stock?

We will refund the total amount of money you paid.

14) When will I be noticed if my merchandise is out of stock?

You will be noticed as all the goods arrive in Indonesia.

15) Can I cancel my order?

Yes, if you cancel it before pre-order closes.

16) What happens if I cancel them after the pre-order is closed?

We will not refund your money.

17) My home address is hard to find, can you send it to my other address?

Yes, for sure.

18) What should I do after I receive my merchandise?

Kindly give us your testimonials and the photos of you with the products you bought in our Online shop^-^

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