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[CONTEST] Join KISSme Indonesia (with SK Planet Starcall Korea) to Win Prizes Trip to Korea!


Kami diberitahu oleh SK Planet Korea bahwa pada tanggal 21 November nanti, mereka akan menyelenggarakan kontes 2 minggu secara online untuk fans KPOP! Bersiap mewakili dirimu sendiri, fan clubmu, dan yang penting lagi adalah, U-KISS! Kami seharusnya nggak boleh memberi tahu lebih banyak, tapi 2 fans yang beruntung akan memenangkan perjalanan ke Korea! Jangan ke mana-mana, detail lebih banyak akan diumumkan pada tanggal 21 November saat kontes dimulai!

SK Planet Starcall Korea bekerja sama dengan KISSme Indonesia dan juga beberapa fanbase artis lain dari berbagai negara seperti, Singapura, Malaysia, Tailand, Filipina, dan Vietnam mengadakan kontes berjudul “Starcall Super Fan” dengan hadiah menarik, yaitu kesempatan untuk jalan-jalan di Korea 😀

Mau ikutan? Silakan baca entry ini sampai habis ya ^^

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[INFO] U-KISS 4th Anniversary Project – U-NIFICATION Part 2

Part 1 of our “U-NIFICATION Part 2” anniversary project (confusing, isn’t it?) is a documentary-style video feature footage from all over the world.

We wish to gather U-KISS fans from all over the world to celebrate and discuss U-KISS in gatherings. These gatherings will be filmed, and then put together into one mega video to show U-KISS that fans from all different countries and walks of life appreciate them. These fan gatherings can feature activities such as singing/dancing to U-KISS songs, games, discussions, etc (more information about what type of footage we require will be given to each country representative when the time comes).

At this stage, we are simply looking for a representative (can be one person, a group, etc.) to organise fan gatherings in various countries. This representative will be responsible for contacting fans in their respective country, organising the event and will also serve as a direct link between the country and Rocketboxx. Once chosen as a representative, we will be contacting the person(s), rather than the fan group as a whole. The country representative will be required to relay announcements and messages. If you know of a fan community in your country (such as ukissmeSG from Singapore), please let them know about our project, as they may wish to represent their country. In fact, we encourage fan communities to offer their help as representatives in this project, as they have experience with leading.

These fan gatherings must take place no later than 31 May 2012. Footage must reach us no later than 10 June 2012.

If you wish to step forward as the representative for your country, please email us at with your details (use your logic, please) and why you wish to take on this responsibility (please state any previous experience).

The deadline for contacting us is 1 April 2012.

Although this is a Rocketboxx project, we urge fans from every community to advertise and participate in this project, as the sole purpose is to unite fans from all over the world. Feel free to repost this to your fan sites, blogs, Twitters, Tumblrs, everywhere to spread the word. Don’t forget the deadlines that we mentioned, so act fast!

We hope to receive a good response from you guys. If you’re still confused or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to post them in this thread.

Thank you, and let’s… U-NIFY (ha. haha.)!

Rocketboxx Mastermind
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