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[NEWS] {w/ BAHASA TRANS} JAMOSA + U-KISS to Provide Theme Song for “sweetTV”, 111220

“Together“, a collaboration track between JAMOSA and Korean idols KEVIN and ELI from U-KISS, has been confirmed as the theme song for BeeTV’s fashion show, “sweetTV“!
“sweetTV” is a program that will give readers of the super popular fashion magazine “sweet” a sneak peek at the next issue. Those who want the latest news on famous models and popular brands featured in the magazine can now easily check in through this must-see program.

As tokyohive previously reported, the song is a collaboration between the popular fashion icon and artist JAMOSA and the fashion-conscious, powerful idol group U-KISS, who just made their debut in Japan on December 14th. The Korean idol group’s main vocalist KEVIN and rapper ELI came together with the R&B vocalist to create a “message song” filled with their feelings of connecting not only Japan, but Asia and the rest of the world.

Earlier this month, the trio held special release events for “Together” at the Lazona Kawasaki Plaza (December 9th), the Osaka Senri Selcy Square (December 10th), and the Asunal Kanayama (December 11th). During these events, those who purchased the single could participate in a limited photography event, where JAMOSA, ELI, and KEVIN deepened the bonds between themselves and their fans.

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[PHOTOS] {FAN TAKEN} Eli & Kevin with JAMOSA @ Lazona Kawasaki Event, 111209

CREDITS: Ahn @ U-KISSme Indonesia + + yookiss @

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[PHOTOS] Eli & Kevin + JAMOSA @ Lazona Kawasaki, 111209

CREDITS: Ahn @ U-KISSme Indonesia + @propertyofkebin +

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[PHOTOS] Kevin & Eli + JAMOSA @ “Together” Commemoration Event

CREDITS: Ahn @ U-KISSme Indonesia + rbbtoday + UKISS_JapanENG

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[VIDEO] {FANCAM} 111130 Eli& Kevin ft. JAMOSA – Together (English Ver.) @ Japan Commemoration Event

CREDITS: Ahn @ U-KISSme Indonesia + FestinaLente143 + UkissInMyBed @ youtube

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